Customer Experience Platform
The Brief          
Mailchimp has long offered services beyond mail—a fact that was very under the radar—and as a result outgrew its “Mail” name. To bring global awareness to this expansion, they developed a new brand with Collins. R/GA was tasked to bring this new brand to life in the Customer Experience Platform.

The Outcome          
In partnership with Mailchimp, we designed a site that helped guide our user through the extensive and daunting world of marketing—way beyond mail. We created a modular design that could seamlessly integrate with their CMS and account for future page needs. We worked with illustrators all over the world to develop over 100 illustrations.

My Role          
I was a Design Director on this project. Working closely with Mailchimp, I co-lead the design of the website. 

The Team          
ECD: Megan Trinidad
CD: Lucia Orlandi 
Design Director: Richard Smith
Senior Copywriter: Rachel Wright
Designer: Brigit Hickey
Experience Designer: Kit Coyne  

ACD, 2019
SILVER: Craft Online in Art Direction
Shortlisted: Illustration

Clios, 2019
Silver: Digital Design

AICP Awards, 2019
Shortlisted: Next Digital Experiences

One Design Show, 2019
Shortlisted: Digital Design
Shortlisted: Craft - Mobile UX + UI

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